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Heart Problems and Oral Health Have a Strong Connection

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Evan
Heart Problems and Oral Health Have a Strong ConnectionOral health is very important for your overall health. When your gums and teeth are in good condition, you are likely to have better overall health. This is because there is a strong connection between oral health and various medical conditions. For instance, studies show that heart-related problems are connected to oral health. It is important to understand the connection between these two conditions so that you take the necessary precautions.

The Connection Between Oral Health and Heart Problems

Heart disease and oral health are connected by the spread of bacteria from the mouth to other crucial parts of your body through the bloodstream. The problem occurs when harmful bacteria from your mouth reach the heart and attach themselves to any affected area. This will result in inflammation. Consequently, you will suffer from serious conditions like endocarditis, which affects the inner lining of your heart. Several studies done by the American Heart Association suggest that increased inflammation in the heart results in cardiovascular conditions like stroke and atherosclerosis. Keep in mind that inflammation is caused by bacteria that come from the mouth.

People with oral conditions like gum disease and advanced periodontitis have a higher risk of heart disease than those with good oral health. In fact, poor oral health has been identified as a trigger to the worsening of various heart conditions. This happens when bacteria that cause gum disease enter the bloodstream and attach themselves to the blood vessels. This increases the risk of heart-related problems.

Call Us to Help You Determine Your Level of Risk

Keep in mind that when gum disease is in its early stages, you could fail to notice the symptoms. However, this doesn't mean that the risk of heart disease is eliminated. The harmful bacteria could still find their way into the blood vessels and cause heart problems. Contact us for more information on how oral health is connected to heart problems.
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